Peacock's Journey

Have you ever seen a peacock party? How dazzling are they, strutting, preening, or courting their lady friends, shaking their booty, spreading those outrageous emerald and sapphire trains behind them? And what about the White Peacock, a rare gem, symbol of love, purity and eternity, whose emblematic form inspired me to play with colour and texture. My peacocks morphed into silhouettes and evolved into their current forms when I started screen printing. The profusion of Ben Day dots or pixels which you now see in several of the peacock cushion designs emerged from this process and I think lend a contemporary edge, anchoring modern minimal rooms with a colourful counterpoint while adding a signature note to maximalist spaces.

For now the peacocks are available as cushions in Velvet, Linen Cotton and Matt Satin. Printed and made in Ireland using eco-friendly pigment inks, these cushions are a luxurious but sustainable option at an attainable price point for those of you who want to add that final touch that makes the place you live in,  home.

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